#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!

Yup, you are seeing it correctly, Wizkid as a musician is no longer good enough.
You may start citing Wizkid and Drake’s 02 Arena perfomance in defence of star boy, but in truth, the nigga is simply no longer goood enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the Wizkid Brand is still very much a force. Wizkid as a brand is doing remarkably well, he is truly the star boy. However, Wizkid as a muscian has lost the midas touch that made the Wizkid Brand successful.

For an easier understanding, we will be sectioning this article using the years Wizkid came into limelight.


Do you remember when Wizkid started? Do you remember the days of HOlla At Your Boy? i was in JS 3 then and everybody loved that song. It was quite intimidating then, seeing the girls we were eyeing, falling head over hills for wizkid and gladly singing the song. We loved him anyway. We sampled his song everywhere we can and we cheerfully holla’d at the boy when his music got played on Tv and radio. That was how good the song was.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!

Then came Don’t Dull; another song which blasted the radios and clubs. At that time, with that smashing beat done by samklef, there was simply no way we could dull.

Gidi Girl was a little bit softer than the previous two but with time we fell in love with the song and our gidi girls. It reminded us how a pure love song should be like. It was helpful in toasting our secondary school babes then.

EME was the talk of the town then. Every upcoming act dreamed of being signed to EME, thanks to wizkid. Like the Proverbs says, “palm oil when touch one finger go likely stain the others”, that was the classical case between wizkid and skales. Wizkid was so good that skales didn’t need to put in much effort before getting accepted by music lovers. Wizkid was enough for the whole of EME; no wonder when he left, things were never the same again.

Wizparty was only a freestyle but that is one of the best freestyle that has ever come out from the Nigeria Music Industry. Wizparty was played in every parties and clubs. It was a hit.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


When it was middle of 2011, his debut album ‘Superstar’ was released, truly proving to us that he is a superstar. Every single song in that album was a perfect song. At that time wizkid was purely loved, he still is though.
Superstar Album had positive message, great lyrics and melidious tune. Every single song on the album was good. LOVE MY BABY was a song for marriages and love stories, KPAKUROMO was a song for owanbes and parties. OLUWA LO NI was a song to remind us to trust God and keep pushing. All 17 songs of that album was amazing.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


In 2012 EME, Wizkid’s former label, released a combined album, featuring all its act ( Wizkid, Skales, Niyola, Slim and label boss, Banky W).
The album didn’t get much buzz like The SUPERSTAR album did although it did well by popular standard. However, the biggest song from the album was BADDEST BOY having Skales, Wizkid and Banky W. If we are honest, Wizkid presence in the song made it a hit. His verse in the song was the best and he did justice with the hook.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!
Apart from Komole did by Skales, the other songs which got considerable plays were songs with Wizkid on it. That was how good he was.

2012 was also a year of the Azonto Fever and Star Boy helped spread it. His version of Azonto was the dubbed the best. Azonto was danced in every party and it was a song that determined the best dancers around. Wizkid was just something else. Burst your brain, the song was actually a freestyle. Azonto was blasted for over a year; the wizzy factor.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!



In 2013, Wizkid still had his fire and steam. Releasing THANK YOU(a song to appreciate his fans) in December 2012, consolidated his 2013. That doesn’t mean he didn’t drop hits in 2013; Jaiye Jaiye was released in 2013. Jaiye Jaiye was so good that it dubbed Wizkid “the New Fela”. Doing it with Femi Kuti raised the bar for wizkid and he got recognition from the elderly.
Jesse Jags BAD GAL song which featured Wizkid, reminded us just how good Wizkid was.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


2014 came and that was the last of Wizkid with EME. After fracas with EME, he dropped a final album with EME but this time partnering with his own nearly formed label, Star Boy Record. Prior to the release of the JOY album, Wizkid had issues with EME which saw him leaving the label not without a fight. The rift was settled and Wizkid released the AYO album with both EME and Star Boy records. The album was great. It had meaningful songs with good contents. The album featured his legendary song, OJU ELEGBA.
AYO was the last project wizkid did with EME and since then things have not been the same again with Wizkid.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!

After leaving EME, Wizkid became a boss and rose further in ranks. He got more international recognition and had the world under his feat but everything changed. That was the last time he did a song worthy of honor.


2015 was a year to forget for Wizkid. He had such an uneventful year. His best song of 2015 was FINAL (BABA NLA), a song which by wizkid standard is a failed song. Dropping FINAL (BABA NLA) may have delighted his fans but truthfully the song was trash. It was a song of crappy lyrics and zero concept. Although it was a popular song based on the wizkid factor, it fell short of the wizkid of 2010-2014. It fell short of the wizkid of the superstar Era.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


2016? Lol, there is absolutely nothing to write about 2016, when talking about Wizkid. The reason is simple, he did nothing of recognition in 2016. Apart from featured songs with Tiwa Savage, Dj Morpharisa and Tinie Tempah, Wizkid had no single of his which caught the attention. His song DADDY YO released late December of 2016 can pass as a 2017 song. Even if we should use is a song of 2016, the song still is a rubbish song. It is actually worse than FINAL (BABA NLA) OF 2015. FINAL was supposed to be Wizkid biggest song of 2015 and it was a joke, if Daddy Yo could be worse than that, then 2016 had nothing to offer Wizkid.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


In 2017 Wizkid went full international. He did songs with major stars including Drake. He released his Third Studio Album, SOUNDS FROM THE OTHER SIDE, under Sony Music Entertainment. If you are honest, you will agree with me that although the album was filled with stars, the album didn’t quite worth the hype that prelude the release. No surprise that it didn’t quite ‘disturb’ the Nigeria music market. Wizkid’s fans usually argue that the STFOS album was not meant for the Nigeria market, reason why it didn’t quite make the cut. Lol, we know better. The album was just an over hyped project of Wizkid trying to inculcate a different sound to afro music. The album didn’t do well in Nigeria because it wasn’t good enough.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!

Wizkid’s best song of 2017 was COME CLOSER, a song which without Drake, would have been a classless single. Listening to Wizkid’s verse alone is annoying. Him trying to sound different, shouldn’t make him sing rubbish. Drake’s verse was the light to that song. If Drake had not featured in that song, the song would have been like Wizkid’s trashy songs from 2014, a trashy song.
OJUELEGBA remix brought Wizkid more international recognition. Skepta and Drake loved the song and they decided to voice on it. The song was great, it did Wizkid a whole lot of good. But if we go deeper, OJUELEGBA was from 2014, a time Wizkid made good music.


2018 isn’t too far off, we all should still remember how 2018 was for wizkid. Wizkid released just two official singles, FEVER and MASTER GROOVE. MASTER GROOVE has no story behind it and it is not worth writing about. FEVER on the other hand was quite popular, however, popularity doesn’t mean being good enough. Fever was trash and had such a short life span, no wonder he had to make Aunty Tiwa his video vixen to keep the song in the minds of people for a longer time. Doing the video with Tiwa Savage was the only reason the song had few months extra time.

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


2019 has come and we are still waiting for Wizkid to regain his superstar days. We know this would most likely be an impossible task but we hope and wish it comes true. We love Wizkid and we want the best for him


Wizkid is a star. He is the biggest star out of Africa and we want him to represent us well. Although he still sells out shows and make bulk of money from deals and plays, it would make more sense if his latest songs could as good as they were in 2010-2014. Right now, Wizkid as a muscian isn’t good enough

#MyGbeduSpotlight: Wizkid As a Musician Is No Longer Good Enough!


  1. Good Analysis. As a WizKid fan, I was like “yo, another nonsense…” but I read it and saw reasons with the writer. But we love wizzy’s ‘trashy songs’ like that, they give us the vibe we want to be honest, how many top songs lately have real content? Very few.
    Kudos tho.

  2. Well bro, this ur review can be hardly far from the truth. I feel so too. But I think its not balanced. I think u jst wanted the story to base on the negative light, and well, it did well on that. But that does not in anyway translate that that is all to it.
    “On top ur matter, back to the matter, Caro”… These songs were all raves of the then time. I mean, even my own mom (wey dey carry gospel songs for head) could mouth off a few lines from them. And need I remind u that Wizzy did these songs after he had left EME and establish his STARBOY label. But u happened to just omit them completely.

    On his recent sounds, especially his international collaborations, me I think baba is just evolving and that is very required in quite all sorts of endeavor. I mean, u dont still expect him to maintain in the lines of his initial breakthrough sounds of those times (like holla at boy and gidi girl). No. Mans gotta grow. He’s gotta try to do better. He’s gotta become different nah. And I quite think he hasnt really arrived there yet, but hold on still, was his contemporary songs not atleast very good and he yet was able to amass the kinda international awards that every other artiste couldnt have reached? Is that how cheaply they can dish out awards these days?
    Internationally now he’s become quite relevant too. Hooking up with big global names and brands. Heard he could be having a collabo with Beyonce on her recent EP now. And yet “he is no longer too good”, u say?
    Ultimately on this matter, u cannot really realistically pass that verdict that Wizzy’s prowess has declined. U cant say he was better in the past too. And he has been consistent since over the years o. Consistency alone is a big something now. Lemme rest this here.


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