#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Today on #MyGbeduList we will be talking about the list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. When we talk about top Nigerian musicians missing in action; we are talking about musicians that are no longer relevant now, compared to how they started.

The list will focus on musicians that came to lime light around 2009, but are struggling to stay relevant today.  Most of these musicians gave us hits after hits when they were introduced, suddenly they began to struggle with their careers.

In today’s Nigerian music scene, we see a lot of young artistes come and go. Some are fond of using the “one hit wonder” strategy to keep their brand on the lips of music lovers. Then disappear again into thin air, leaving their music lovers hanging and hungry, waiting for more.

Top Nigerian Musicians Missing In Action (2019)

This list is not disputing the fact that some of these musicians haven’t been working or dropping songs, no. However, you will agree with me that, the kind of songs they were giving us back then is far different from what we are getting right now.

We are not only going to talk about them missing in action but will delve into the reasons they find it difficult to find their original sounds. By original sound, we mean the kind of music they were making to get the love and attention of fans.

 Ice Prince.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Ice Prince tops our list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. The fact that he just dropped a song featuring Falz and Phyno, we all know the “Oleku” crooner is still struggling to find his place back in the industry. We all know how Ice Prince was giving us back to back, from “Oleku” to “Super star“.

In the past, around 2012 and 2013, there are just few rappers you will want to dance to their songs regardless of what is trending. When Ice prince was signed to Chocolate City, he had the privilege to have all his songs produced by the super hit makers then. Producers like Jesse Jag and Samklef, who understood what hip hop was all about. They gave him great hits such as; Oleku, SuperStar, Magician, Molowo and many other smashing hit.

Now for the past 5 years, it has been difficult for the “Juju” crooner to trace his path back to his days of serving us with great hip hop songs. These days Ice Prince is struggling between, hip hop and Afro pop, when we know from beginning that he is an hip hop musician. The fact that he is trying to play with different type of music genre is what landed him in this mess. And for that, he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

Chidimma Ekele.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

I hear people talk about female musicians finding it difficult to do well in the industry, that is total nonsense. We have seen the like of Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Simi, Seyi Shay and Niniola, coming out stronger every single day. After the release of Chidimma smashing single “Jankoliko” she follows it up with great song like Run dia mouth, I’m in love, Kedike, Eni ni baller, etc.

With all of Chidimma’s achievements from winning Project fame to dropping good music, we expected her to be more. Nothing stops her from rising to the top female singer in the country, but we getting the opposite right now.

According to my findings, I have come to a conclusion that her departure from Capital hill and Goretti music could be what affected her career. Because when she was with Ill Bliss and Tha Suspect, she was doing absolutely fine. Now the story is different and Chidimma is no where close to what she use to be.

Chuddy K.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

This is one artiste that everyone thought was going to stay in the game for the longest time. But alas, he made our list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. But why would such a talented artiste like Chuddy K be missing from the Nigerian music industry?

Chuddy K debut single “Gaga crazy” was the biggest club banger from 2011 to 2012 and he followed it up with another smashing hit “Brazilian hair“. But since then, he has completely disappeared from the Nigerian music scene.

So, the big question is where is Chuddy K? If you are is still out there, we seriously need a resounding banger from you to restore your relevance. But for now, you are officially certified MIA – missing in action!


#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

The fact that he’s still on the news don’t mean he is still relevant. Iyanya fits perfectly into the list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. When talk of missing in action we are talking about artistes that were giving us good music and banger. But in recent time we haven’t felt anything good from the “Kukere” crooner. The last time Iyanya served us with some good tune was 2017, when he released “Iyanu“.

Before then and even after then, we saw how Iyanya keeps struggling to get his sound back. Maybe he is finding it difficult to cope with the trend or could it be that his fall out with Ubi Franklin has jinxed his career?

One cannot say for sure, so in the end, we can only hope Iyanya finds his way back into the game. And until then, he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

Dr Sid.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Yea, Dr. Sid made the list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. Maybe his excuse will be that he is facing his career as a medical doctor, lol. But the truth is, this guy is not only missing in action, i can clearly tell you he is lost.

Dr. Sid is not someone we should disrespect probably after serving us with great music in the past, but we all know we can’t live in the past, maybe not forever.

An artiste like Sid who as given us great songs like “Over the moon“, “Pop Champaign” “Surulere” and many other great hits suddenly going cold is worrisome. For some past years now, we haven’t heard any new hit coming from him. And for that, he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!


#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Oma wonder came into the Nigerian music scene blazing hot with her debut song “in the music”. Then she just wondered away after serving us with good music like “Serious love Nwantiti“. Then she followed up with other great songs like; When breeze blow, I miss my baby, The way that i feel, Stay alive, Bottom belle and many other bangers.

But today, she is among the top Nigerian musicians missing in action. Omawumi’s excuse could be because of her marriage or maybe she is trying to focus on other entertainment business. But this is not enough reasons for us to be starved of her good music. She recently debut in a movie with Waje titled “She is

We can only hope Omawumi come back stronger. But for now, she is officially certified MIA – missing in action!


#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

This name is supposed to cause great panic for other female musicians in Nigeria, but today, the story is different. Waje is among the top Nigerian musicians missing in action. Waje is one of the few artiste in this country who have been able to represent our culture to the fullest with great vibes like “Kolo” and many other songs.

It got bad to the point, where the “Onye” Crooner shared a video via her YouTube channel to say she was quitting music. As shameful as that will sound i just believe she no longer has confident in her craft. Stars don’t stop shinning, Waje please drop it if you still have it.

Until then, you are officially certified MIA – missing in action!

Cynthia Morgan.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Yes the beautiful ragga and dance hall singer, Cynthia Morgan now known as {Madrina} is on our list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. Cynthia Morgan was a big force to recon with in time past. After she debut her smashing single “Don’t break my heart“, she followed it up with a lot of great songs like “Lead me on“, I’m taken, Simati niya, German juice, etc.

Now after she left Northside Entertainment nothing was the same for her. She began to struggle to get her career back as she is no where to be found. Despite the fact that she is running her own label and even changed her name to Madrina, still nothing hot came out. She did “Billion dollar woman” last year but the song just went off with the wind.

And for that, she is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

Sean Tizzle.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

This artiste isn’t supposed to be on this list, but as a lover of good music, he just have to be here. Sean Tizzle is one artiste who in the past has blessed our soul with a lot of beautiful sounds and vibes.

The “Sho le” crooner has been very on and off these past years, especially in recent time we have heard less and less from him. And for that, he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

D Prince.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

This list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action will not be complete without D Prince. I know you all have been waiting to see this name, trust me i will always make sure to point it out. And here’s why.

D Prince went from being a mainstream to being an upcoming. I remember when Davido said that he almost paid to have a selfie with Charles (D Prince). It’s funny now how the “Take banana” crooner will end up begging Davido for a selfie.

But what’s D Prince excuse for choosing to stop making music? Maybe because his brother (Don Jazzy) no longer have time for him or he haven’t gotten anything good to drop. The last song he released (Gucci gang) was a total trash. I think he needs to learn to understand music better.

But for now, he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

 Naeto C.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Naeto C. is the only professor on our list of top Nigerian musicians missing in action. That alone is a huge accomplishment. He certainly had it coming after bragging to us that ‘level don change‘. We expected more from him but he ended up changing his career from good to bad.

We all know the “10 over 10” crooner was totally full of life when he was introduced. All of a sudden his music career was totally nothing to write home about. I was live at his Super Fest Concert, I swear it was a mess to cry for. Probably his excuse would be that, he is now facing his career now and need more time to be a professor. Whatever!

All we care for now is that he is officially certified MIA – missing in action!

May D.

#MyGbeduList: Nigeria Musicians Missing In Action(2019)

Confam Entertainment Act Akinmayokun Awodumila(May D), is a singer, dancer and songwriter. The talented artiste was formerly signed to Square Record.
Back in 2011 to 2013, there is no night club or ceremony you will go to without hearing Mr May D songs. When he released his debut single “Soundtrack“, everyone saw he has got potentials. This lead him to dropping hits after hits. Songs like Use me, Ile Ijo, Gat me high, Ur eyes, So many tinz, All over you and Ibadi became a street anthem. Then when you tune to any radio station, there is no day you don’t hear a track from Mr May D.

When May D left Square Record in 2012 he was still doing well and making it music. All of a sudden the struggle hit him hard, probably maybe he was attacked by his village people. Lool.
His 2016 single “Bamilo” featuring Wizkid was the last time he made a hit. Despite working with great stars like, Davido, Akon, Peruzzi, Mayorkun and other talented musicians, May D still find it hard to fine his original sound.
Till this moment May D has been dropping songs, but is only being played at his family compound and his village people.
May D is certified MIA – Missing in action, until he gives us another “Soundtrack“.


There are other names who are suppose to make the list, but most of them are just one hit wonder and they where more like upcoming during their time of fame. Names like Mochedda, Phenom, K Switch, Shina Rambo, General Pype, Shaydee and Niyola.
If you have other names in mind you can state that via the comment session. Also if you have any argument regarding these names on the list, you are free to point it out and tell us why they shouldn’t be here.

Thank you!!!


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