The Government Is Responsible For Kolade's Death - Ill Bliss

The unfortunate death of Mr Kolade Johnson has become the most talked about in the country right now.

Record label boss, rapper and song writer Ill Bliss popularly known as Oga Boss, as come out with a lyrics and a video to talk about the issue.

The Government Is Responsible For Kolade's Death - Ill Bliss
He talked about the constant killings by the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). He also talk about the role of the government on matters like this, as this is not the first time this is happening.

According to the caption on the video he shared on his Instagram.

He wrote:

We are living in very perilous times. Please go out with full IDs. Avoid confrontation . Caution is not cowardice . Always remember we live in a society where you must protect self and avoid laying down your life for a society that will not stand up to fight collectively for a cause. Be watchful! Don’t be stupid, I pray we don’t see ours or any one else’s lying in a pool of blood. The Government remains totally Unconcerned and oblivious over our safety. itisGOD #EndSarsNow#illBliss#illyChapo#Goretti (Directed By @aigbijare)

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