The Beef Factor: 7 Nigerian Celebrities That Allowed Hatred To Destroy Their Careers

Today on MyGbeduList, we will be talking about the beef factor. This is about some Nigerian celebrities who allowed hatred and grudges against another celebrity or individual to kill their careers.

We have come to notice a lot of beefs in the Nigerian entertainment industry. We’ve witnessed some celebrities picking up fights with one another and it became an unending war. Some of these Nigerian celebrities do it to sell their brand and others do it for personal reasons. The point is which ever way they choose to do it, some never ends well.

Most of the Nigerian celebrities involved in this act, are those who picked on bigger rivals or people with more fan influence than them. So this will end up pushing them to the side. The reason is because, when you pick on someone with a bigger fan base or an already known star, you either sound like a nuisance or someone just seeking for attention.

When Nigerians pick side with one star, trust me the other becomes irrelevant and no matter what you do, everything will seem like trash to them. This is what we meant, when we say “allow hatred to kill their career”.

Trust me you are as good as dead to the face of the opposite star fans. At this point the lesser celebrities or hated celebrities will then be finding it difficult to be accepted, even when they put in their best.

The Beef Factor: 7 Nigerian Celebrities That Allowed Hatred To Destroy Their Careers

The names on this list may still be out there putting in their best to get their space back while others have given up. We are not out for any celebrities so whatever point we’re bringing in is based on fact and popular opinions.

BlackFace lost to 2Baba.

The Beef Factor: Blackface VS 2face

We all know the story of the most beautiful RnB group in the country around 1999 and 2002. That is the combination of 3 super talented young stars, in persons of Blackface, Faze and 2face (2baba). These 3 combinations where called Plantation Boiz, they were almost the best Nigerian music group then.

At the point where their success became an envy, the split came in and hatred began to grow among them. The beautiful group was torn apart and the three of them went solo. But the hurt failed to heal between some as it  became an unending war.

This war started when Blackface accused 2Face of stealing his song “Africa Queen”. Yes, it was confirmed that the song was written by Blackface and was to be released by the group. But 2face had to record the song alone just to get more famous, we all knew what happened next after that song was released by 2Face.

As a result of this, Blackface developed a bad blood for 2Face who was already accepted and loved by all. Because Blackface could not stand the success of 2Face. He began to drop diss songs after another just to tarnish 2Face’s image, but of course nobody cared.

BlackFace’s bad blood began to tell hard on him, as he began to struggle with his music career. He tried all he could to get the love of the fans but yet to no avail. This officially made Blackface a victim of The Beef Factor.

AY.COM lost to Terry G.

The Beef Factor: VS Terry G.

The beef between these two friends started like a joke, until the whole country realized it was not just a joke. Terry G was perfectly doing well after the release of his freestyle smashing single “Free Madness”. The song was a major hit across all platforms. Terry G’s fame was nothing to recon with then, until his friend AY.COM, showed up with accusations of Terry G stealing his songs.

The whole drama that started from the mic ended up coming to real life. They both became fierce rivals, sending various threats to each other. The fact that Terry G is already known and had a bigger platform, AY became a nuisance and his career went down for it.

Although they both settled their beef and later became friends again, but that still didn’t bring AY back. People just naturally believed he was just trying to use Terry G to gain attention but it didn’t work for him. This officially made AY the victim of The Beef Factor.

Kelly Handsome lost to MI Abaga.

The Beef Factor: Kelly Handsome VS MI Abaga

This is the most insane beef among Nigerian celebrities. The fact being that both stars don’t make the same sound or type of music. Although it seemed they were both on the same level, but the point where the fans had to pick a side pushed Kelly Handsome away. The both stars had a beautiful career going on, they both kept dropping hits after hits.

Although no one can tell what really started their beef, but we can tell it was not a healthy one. Rappers are known to be stronger when it comes to lyrical battle, maybe that was what really knocked out Kelly Handsome. When Kelly could not face the hit, he has to get off the kitchen because there was too much fire in there for him.

The last time we heard from Kelly, was probably when MI decided to end it all with the most powerful dish track in Nigeria, entitled “Beef”. Although in 2013, it was reported that they both ended the long-time war and they are now cool.

Kelly ended up loosing his fans, and since then we haven’t heard anything reasonable from him. Despite all his effort to come back to the industry, he still could not. This officially makes Kelly Handsome a victim of The Beef Factor.

Damikrane lost to Wizkid.

The Beef Factor: Dammy Krane VS Wizkid

In what seemed like a comeback strategy into the industry ended up killing him. After Damikrane made several attempts to get his career back, all to no avail. He decided to pick on no one but Starboy record’s boss Wizkid.

When Damikrane accused Wizkid of song theft, it was easy for fans to conclude he was just seeking attention. What seemed to work for others didn’t work for Dami, the fact that he just might be saying the truth didn’t occur to anyone. What was supposed to be just a social media beef, came out to real life.

Wizkid confronted Dami at a club in Lagos, the rest was history, as Dami ended up becoming the victim and object of mockery. Although there are some people who believed his accusations and tried to help him, but all to no avail, as the fight was against a top notch. They later settled the beef and Dami ended up pledging allegiance to Wizkid, but that still didn’t stop fans from seeing him as a nuisance.

Although we know Damikrane was already struggling with his career, but his fight with Starboy ended everything from him. Wizkid even tried to fix the damage by bringing him up on stage at his concert, yet that still didn’t work out.  No matter what Damikrane does, he is still seen as trash to many music lovers. This officially makes Damikrane a victim of  The Beef Factor.

Durella lost to D’Banj.

The Beef Factor: Durella VS D'bang

In this case many of you will say Durella has nothing to offer so is better of dead. Lol. Now this is how it all started for him. The self-acclaimed “King of the Zanga”, would have been doing great until he chose to follow the wrong path.

Nobody accuses a top notch without being a top notch yourself, that was the case of Durella. He came up with accusations about D’Banj stealing his songs and copying his pattern of performance, well we all know how that sound like. Immediately fans began to realize he was serious with his rant and claims, things began to go wrong with him.

Now for the fact that, he had already claimed D’Banj was copying him, there was no more space for him to stay, as fans only want one. He even went as far as dropping so many diss tracks, calling out D’Banj, but still he didn’t get half the fame D’Banj got.

When his noise was getting too much the big fish (D’Banj) had to humble him and put him in his place. In 2013 it was reported that he (Durella) was signed to DB Records owned by D’Banj.

This was the part that got his career damaged as it was exposed that his claims were just a mere rant and had no effect. He even opened up to say D’Banj never stole his song or even copied him. Since then no one can tell if Durella is still doing music or doing farm work in his village. This officially makes Durella a victim of The Beef Factor.

Tonto Dike against Churchill.

The Beef Factor: Tonto Dikeh VS Churchill

This case is a very rare one as so many people will say, she is still relevant and she is still doing her thing. But here is the truth Tonto Dike’s career started facing battle the point where she chose her ex husband Churchill as an enemy.

I know you all will say but Churchill is not a celebrity or has nothing to do with the industry, yes, I know that. But we have to consider something here, that “if you keep living on your past, then the past is where you belong”. That is the case of Tonto Dike, she would have been better and still very much relevant if she didn’t pick on her ex as a means to get back her life.

If we all can be honest, we can tell the last time we had a good movie from Tonto dike was around 2016. Immediately her marriage problems came up, Tonto Dike went down. The Tonto Dike we have today is a social media star and not a movie star, we all talk about her because she has turned social media to her home instead of facing her career as an actress. Tonto’s hatred for Churchill wont allow her to grow, instead it will continue to bring her down. This officially makes Tonto Dike a victim of The Beef Factor.

Oyemykke lost to Tunde Ednut.

The Beef Factor: Oyemmike VS Tunde Ednut

There isn’t much to say about this two, most especially Oyemykke who is finding it difficult to fit in as the people’s choice.

The beef between these two may have started from Tunde, who gave a report about Oyemykke being kicked out from Wande Coal’s show. But the funny part is that although Oye came up with an immediate fight back, no one still cared to listen.

Now this went on and on as Oye kept throwing shade at Tunde Ednut and accusing him of so many illicit acts. He even went as far as saying Tunde was deported from the UK because he stole a phone, yet no one was listening.

Here is the reason Tunde Ednut got an upper hand over Oyemykke, we all knew Tunde from his music days. He already has a fan base then, though it wasn’t all that big. When he became a blogger and Instagram influencer, his music fans moved to supporting him as they began to enjoy what he was doing with his life.

Now when you compare that to Oye who was just trying to build a career both in acting and video blogging and other forms of creativity. You can immediately see the big difference.

What has kept Oye behind is the fact that he has failed to let the bad blood between him and Tunde go, as he always looks for means to throw shots. The fact that Tunde has moved on could be what is killing Oyemykke’s career. This officially makes Oyemykke a victim of The Beef Factor.


There so many other stars who are nowhere to be found, due to one hatred for another celebrity. The names on this list will remind you of the beef between this celebrities and trust me you won’t go far to conclude this was actually what pushed them off the game. If you think there are some people missing on our list, you free to inform us as we will look into it and update the list….. Thank You.


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