Some Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than Niniola

Sweet girl and rave of the moment, Teniola is an enchanting figure whose voice and style has seen her turn into fans favourite in a short while. After winning 2018 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR award at the Headies with her hit song ‘FARGIN’, Teniola has gone on to be accepted and loved by every age group. Her song, UYO MEYO is well listened to by everybody, both the old and young.

Instances have been cited about Teni being better than her elder sister Niniola, as well as Niniola being better than Teniola. But then who really is better?

After a deep and lengthy study, have come to a conclusion that Teni is better than her sister Niniola and these are the reasons.


1) Fanbase Engagement.

Niniola kick-started her career much earlier than Teni, but her fanbase can’t be said to be as much as Teni. Teniola who has 1.1m followers on her IG, thumps her sister with over 600k followers, as Niniola have just over 497k followers. This can be said to be as a result of her widespread acceptance by the populace due to the many hit songs released since 2018. But truly, this isn’t the reason why. Teni is brilliant when it comes to fan engagement. Her social media is a ‘plug’ to stick with. Apart from music video links she releases once in a while, she often releases freestyles which continuously send ripples through the spines of her teeming fans. Apparently, Teni doesn’t just sing, she makes funny skits which keep the fans glued to her page and as such grow her online presence. Although, Niniola is doing well with 497k followers on her IG, her engagement with fans can’t be said to be compared to Teni. Her IG account doesn’t offer the engaging contents that Teni does.

2) Talent

Talent is key to a successful career. Where money can’t take you, talent will. Niniola no Doubt is talented, she sings good music but honestly, she’s not on the same wavelength with her younger sister. In truth, Teniola is miles ahead of Niniola when it comes to being talented. Teni has given us hits back to back on several occasions. Her voice is golden and she’s outrightly funnier than Niniola.
This is a good enough reason why Teni is better than Niniola

3) Freestyle Delivery

Teni calls herself “ONE TAKE GOD”, and I completely agree with her. Teni’s eventual hit songs were originally freestyle ranging from FARGIN to LAGOS to FAKE JERSEY to PRAY and the recent UYO MEYO which has turned a national song of prayer. However, that can’t be said of Niniola. Well maybe Niniola does freestyle, we don’t know. Maybe her greatest single MARADONA is a freestyle, we weren’t told. But truthfully, no supposed freestyle she’s done can match Teni’s.

Have you seen the KISS ME freestyle Teni did using the text on Skibii’s shirt? or The latest BASTARD freestyle she did? If you have seen them, you’d easily agree with me that, she’s miles ahead of Niniola.In actual sense, Teni does it better than a lot of artistes, including the guys.

4) Energy and Stage Performance

Ever seen Teni perform, my oh my, she’s fire. The babe has the energy; the truth is She’s a man in a woman’s body. Her performance is energetic and fans interactive. During every performance, she gets interactive with the audience. This ensures her performance always hit the height.
That’s not all though, have you seen Teni perform live? Goodness gracious, the babe is good. Her performance at 2017 Felebration still sticks to our head even till this date. Earlier this January, Teni sent tears to our eyes with her ‘UYO MEYO’ song when she performed it at Hard Rock Cafe. That performance was soul felt. All she did, with live band. Although Niniola is an excellent singer and performer, she doesn’t give the energy and vibes as Teni does.

5) Number of Hit Songs

Hit songs are what rates and ranks a musician. Niniola may have songs with beat, drum and rhythm but they don’t quite become a hit. Apart from MARADONA and SICKER, one can’t really pick any other hit songs apart from these. Even her latest single with SARZ hasn’t hit yet. Now Should we cross over to Teni, come on, the babe has hits. Teni has a whole lot of hits ranging from FARGIN to LAGOS to FAKE JERSEY to WAIT to CASE to PRAY to UYO MEYO etc. Teni keeps our lips busy all year. UYO MEYO is bigger than every song Niniola has done. We can actually open up an argument by saying UYO MEYO is bigger than all Nini’s song put together.

6) Fan Base

Niniola may have started before Teniola, but in truth, Teni has more fans than Nini. This is purely a reflection of the acceptance Teni has over Nini. In Twitter Teni has 95.2k while Niniola has 89.5k, on Instagram Teni has a whopping 1.1m fans outdoing her sister with over 600k followers. Ninola has 497k followers on her IG. On Youtube, Teni has 95k subscribers to Nini’s 31k.
Truth is, months ago Niniola had more fans but Teni climbed up after gaining more prominence via her numerous hits and her engagement with fans. She keeps her IG and Twitter followers engaged all the time by constantly dropping content.

Some Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than NiniolaSome Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than Niniola

Some Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than NiniolaSome Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than Niniola

The Verdict

There are other reasons why we are of the opinion that Teni is better than Niniola but we will stick with these few for now. We are a huge fan of Niniola, we actually enjoy her music. Her latest single with Sarz is a jam we dance to on a regular.

This article is not to spite her or cause a rift between both sisters. This article is purely to bring to rest the argument of who is better but with facts. It also serves to educate the general public most especially upcoming acts on the techniques used by Teni in gaining prominence in the music industry. If upcoming acts can adopt the Teni’s Technique, we are sure in a short while, we will be seeing them on our TV screen shutting down shows.

Some Reasons Why Teniola Is Better Than Niniola




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