We all know the case with the king of RnB, still on Mr.  MICHAEL AVENATTI has been fighting to see R. KELLY behind bars following the release of Surviving R. Kelly. The lawyer took on the case pro-bono and because of his work, criminal charges have officially been laid on R. KELLY. Following the news that R.Kelly was hit with 10 counts of aggressive criminal sexual abuse, AVENATTI spoke at the The Karen Hunter Show (a TV show in the US) sharing his prediction for the outcome of the case.

AVENATTI was the one who handed over the tapes of R. Kelly allegedly having sex with an underage girl last week to prosecutors. The investigation into the tapes was a driving force that led to Kelly’s charges. AVENATTI, who has two daughters, said that he’s been quietly working on the case for about 10 months.

“I’m not charging anything for the work that I’ve done because this is an outrageous case and it’s an outrageous abuse of power, targeting some of the most vulnerable people in our society,” AVENATTI said. “Mainly young African American girls, many of whom are from the inner city. And I’ve been very moved by it because I have two daughters on my own, 14 and 16, and as a father and listening to some of these parents describe what has transpired and some of these victims, I was outraged by it.”

AVENATTI continued to say that there’s a significant amount of evidence against R. Kelly that he’s confident will lead to the singer’s conviction.

“I’m very satisfied today as a father, as a lawyer, as a guy that believes in right and wrong and justice, that the day of reckoning has come for R.KELLY. He will, he will not survive this,” he said. “The evidence is significant. It is insurmountable and I’d be very surprised if after he is convicted, if he ever walks another day free for as long as he lives, and frankly that would be justice in this case because this guy is a predator who is preyed on, again, some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society and he deserves to go away for a very long time.”

You get more update as the story unfold.


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