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Ghanaian actress, Gladys Norvo aka Nadgla has stated that living a fake life is part of what comes with working in the show business industry.

According to Gladys Norvo, one should never expect someone who works in the show business industry to act like a pastor or a corporate executive.

Being a showbiz person is not like being a pastor or a corporate executive where people expect only good from you. Show business is an open space full of competition where everybody is doing something to get attention and get talked about.

If people want to flaunt what they don’t have in real life, it is the show part of show business which their followers are obviously interested in and that is allowed in this industry.

Gladys Norvo went on to state that there is nothing wrong with living a fake life.

Fake lifestyles rule in show business so there’s nothing wrong feeding your fans with what they want to see or hear.

It is very disheartening that while you are doing everything to please your fans as a celebrity, others see it as an opportunity to call you a prostitute.

She also expressed displeasure at how female are judged.

Male celebrities post nude pictures but we don’t criticize them but as soon as a lady reveals even her cleavage hell breaks loose,” Gladys Norvo said.


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