There is a sentence in our local parlance that says “He don burst” ; you may want to ask why i said that? This is because there are too many people living fake life, in other words, pretending to live in wealth and splendour when they are actually not as rich as they have made people to believe.

Cubana Club, locate in Victoria Island is place that ticks all the boxes when it comes to luxury, little wonder, the club have now become a place where you meet the top entertainers and of course big boyz and hot babes.

The Club has Famous show promoter and businessman Mr Pascal Chibuike “AKA Cubana Chief Priest” as its top director, some even say Mr Pascal owns the club. Mr Pascal also has close ties with Davido and Burna Boy, Okechukwu, , Mr Pascal is one person you will call the Lagos big boy as co-director of Cubana Leisure Outfits which includes Grand Cubana hotels, Rolex hotels, Cubana night clubs, Pablo Cubana, Opium Cubana and Crave Cubana.

Pascal took to his Instagram handle to throw shades at people who are living beyond their means. In the post shared he attacked Ray Hushpuppi for posing with rented Cars, according to him, Huspuppi is someone who likes to show-off, Hushpuppi have been notorious for showing receipts and customises every of his asset.

Recall that we recently posted about Hushpuppi buying the Luxury car, But ‘Chief Priest of Cubana’ was one of the persons that refused to believe he owns the cars, in his comment, he said the place and the cars are temporary. Like the place where he took the photos of the cars was just a hotel lobby.

Hushpuppi is definitely receiving a lot of backlash from his haters, how long can he continue his fake life, that is if, what Cubana Chief Priest shared was true.

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