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Windows 20Loader 20v2 1 2.rar

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On Amazon S3 Getting Error “Access Denied” when a call to IsObjectAllowed is made from a Service Workers Registration

I have the following manifest.json:
“asset-manifest-inline”: true,
“exclude-ext”: [“html”],
“manifest-version”: 2,
“name”: “test”

I’m registering Service Workers with:
I’m authenticating calls to /sw.js and /assets/test.js with:
Then I’m calling this:
What am I doing wrong?


Based on the logs, it looks like you are requiring your assets from the root of your site. For instance:
@import ‘/assets/test.js’;

If you can, consider setting your manifest’s assets-base to the root of your site. This will ensure your assets are being loaded from the correct path.
“assets-base”: “/assets”

Documentation is here

Ask HN: What do you look for in your job? – betty_sue
I want to be part of a company that is clearly focused on a business strategy
that will both satisfy customers AND employees. I want them to have the
resources to accomplish it (low bureaucracy, good engineers/devops, some
funding). In short, I want them to have my back.

1\. Pay that seems to be within that average 10-20% range so I can pay my
mortgage, pay for retirement, etc. (about 4-6 total)

2\. Budget flexibility. I want all of my stuff to be under their roof,
including maintenance, repairs, etc.

3\. Benefits. After my employer gets burnt a few times, I want some form of
retirement/social security plan, health coverage, and a discounted gym
membership plan.

4\. Good dev teams that care about my needs and what I’m doing.

Number 1 is the one everyone is after. So I’ll answer it first.

You want to be part of a company that has the ambition, the vision, the

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