Gospel music in Nigeria right now has been revolutionized.  They don’t only bless us spiritually, the entertain us. Now you can play gospel songs in public without being ashamed because they are outright entertaining like the secular ones.

To keep our readers with the current best gospel songs, we have take out time to list out the best 10 gospel songs in Nigeria right now. These are the songs played most in Tvs, radios, retail shops, buses, streets and churches. We are very certain that these 10 songs will bless you as well as entertain you.

Top 10 Gospel Songs in Nigeria Right Now

10) At the Center of it All – Eben

Eben has been known over the years as a worshipper of God. When ever the ministers, the anointing of the holy spirit is known to feel the atmosphere. His song ‘At the Center of it All’ takes 10th in our list. It is song to remind us that God should be the center of everything in our life.

9) Yaweh- Steve Crown

Steve  Crown is someone who brings down the Holy Spirit when he mounts the podium. His song Yaweh is sang in every church service held lately; no surprise it is making our top 10 list. Yaweh is a song touching to the soul and it connects the spirit to God.


8) Awamaridi – Nathaniel Bassey ft Tomi Favour and Tope Alabi

Nathaniel Bassey over the years have built a name for himself as a worship leader. His songs are soul lifting and connect you to God. So when a man like Nath, combines with women like Tomi and the ever powerful singer Tope Alabi, you are expectant of a Holyghost filled music.


7) Strong Tower – Nathaniel Bassey ft Glenn Gwazai

Nathaniel Bassey makes our list again; no surprise. Nathaniel Bassey is someone whose consistency has seen him top his game for years. His latest release Strong Tower with Glenn Gwazai comes 8th in our list for obvious reasons. Strong Tower is a song with some little drum rolls to help you move your body as your worship God.


6) Bor Ekom – Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo came and came with a bang. She’s a revolution to the gospel music industry in Nigeria. In lame man terms, “her music dey sweet”. Despite the entertaining nature of songs, they are soul fulfilling and spirit filled. Bor Eko is a very well nicely made tune done in Efik. You may not understand the lyrics but trust me you will be blessed still. Bor Ekom is a song of thanks to God for his works in our life.


5) Chinedum – Mercy Chinwo

Mercy clinches our 6th spot with her magnificent song ‘Chinedum’. Chinedum is a reminder of how good Jesus is to us all. This song is a song surely to appreciate Jesus with and reconnect to God with.


4)Omekannaya – Mercy Chinwo

Don’t get surprised Mercy Chinwo is claiming all the spots in our top 10 list; she merited it. Mercy has been on fire since she came into lim light. Omekannaya is such a popular and a hit that it is heard in every corner and in any circumstance. The song is a song that tells us how the love of Jesus has brought us far in life despite the many challenges. The song is a song for everybody.


3) Logan Ti Ode – Tope Alabi ft TY Bello

Tope Alabi is a woman of substance. TY Bello is a woman of substance. When two great women of substance teams up for a song, trust me it will be produce a song of this magnitude. Logan Ti Ode is a song that teaches us to be patient in times of adversities. He teaches us to wait upon the lord for him to enter our life. When God enters our life, everything changes for good.


2) Nara- Tim Godfrey ft Travis Greene

God has done has so much for us, he put such melodious tune in the heart of Tim Godfrey and Travis Greene  for us to sing and worship his awesomeness. Tim Godfrey has been on top of his game for years so when he teamed up with Tim Godfrey for this one, it received just so much audience. Nara is a song of appreciation to God for his goodness upon us all. The song comes 2nd to an even more viral song that shook and still shakes everywhere you can think of.

1) Excess Love- Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo takes our top most spot with her national anthem of a song; ‘excess love’. Excess love is so popular that you hear it every two minutes walk. There is no church service that the choir will not sing excess love. The original slow song best fit for worship has even been remodeled to suit dancing vibes. That’s how much loved the song is. Excess love is a song which wholly talks about the abundant love of Jesus Christ.


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