The video of an angry school girl chased home from school because of school fees has been trending yesterday on social media, instagram mostly. The famous instragram blogger, instablog9ja broke the story and since then, the whole internet seems to be revolving around her. The angry school girl’s name is success and she lives in Sapele, Delta state.

How Nigerian Celebrities Are Exploiting The Angry School Girl Trending Video For Cheap Popularity

Trust our Nigerian celebrities to quickly jump on the trend in their quest for cheap popularity. With the exception of Mr. Jollof who immediately responded with a scholarship offer to pay her school fees till her university level. As if this wasn’t enough, several other Nigerian celebrities are coming out to offer Success more scholarships.

To name a few, Jim Iyke, Ay, etc. are raising more money for Success to go to school and my simple question is this; what happened to the full scholarship till university level offered by Mr. Jollof? Or what other level of education is enough for little Success? Or should all our Nigerian celebrities suddenly line up behind little Success and forget that there are 10 million more little Successes in Nigeria who can’t even pay for kindergarteen?

Must we all trend on social media to get help?

When we prioritize riding a trend such as this above the desire to actually make a difference, it says a lot about who we are as a nation. Little Success doesn’t need 10 scholarships, she only needs one. So why the fuss from our celebrities on her alone? Why can’t they use her own case as a seed to spark up something bigger and create a foundation to help more children like her?

Little Success’ case is not to be taken advantage of by our Nigerian celebrities, rather it should be leveraged on to kick start something bigger. Let them use their influence and resources to put together a foundation that more Nigerians can be a part of to help solve the grass-root educational problems of children. This is a more noble cause than riding a trend for cheap popularity.

To whom much is given, much is expected. If our celebrities want to keep fighting over whose scholarship little Success is to take, then i rest my case!


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