This is the result of the following:

You’re using a version of Windows that dates back to the 1990’s, which was not designed for Unicode support.
You’re running a language aware browser, which can perform more accurate Unicode processing, which can defeat the attack.

You should upgrade to a more recent version of Windows, and switch to the most recent version of your browser (you have IE 7 installed, so that’s probably what you’re using). After all, XP dates back to 2000, so you’re using a system that’s seriously out of date. It will all be much better if you upgrade it to a recent version. This site will tell you how to check your version of Windows. You can also use the Windows Update tool from the Control Panel to download and install Windows updates.
It also means that the malicious javascript will result in HTTP GET requests to a file named 1Od[1-9].html, where 9 is the relevant number of the payload. That’s how your browser found this site in the first place.
Finally, make sure you’re using a language aware browser. If you have JavaScript enabled, make sure that you have it set as a default (so that when you navigate somewhere, and you don’t have JavaScript enabled, you won’t have malicious redirects), and check the HTTP headers to make sure the request is being sent from a modern version of the browser, and not an old one.

Ureteral injury during laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy for gastric ulcer disease.
Laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy (Lap-GJ) has been successfully applied for palliation of gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) due to advanced gastric ulcer disease, and is the preferred approach when operative procedures for primary closure of gastric ulcers are contraindicated. Ureteral injury during Lap-GJ for gastric ulcer disease has not been previously reported. We report a case of iatrogenic ureteral injury during Lap-GJ in a patient with a clinical diagnosis of obstructive GOO and a benign endoscopically removed gastric ulcer. Severe hematuria and flank pain with a rise of serum creatinine were subsequently observed, which required emergency nephrectomy. Surgical exploration showed complete ischemic ureteral ligation by the Lap-GJ anastomosis.

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