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. README – 1.32 uploaded by pggt (for GTK 1.2) now available at Delhi: In what appears to be an attempt to regulate internet in a country where social media has become ubiquitous, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has suggested that a Bill to regulate the “free flow of digital information” has been “rolled out.”

Jaitley told the BJP parliamentary party (BJP), “The ministry is in the process of bringing out an act on electronic communication. The manner in which information is free flowing has become very objectionable and pernicious. It can be very dangerous for democracy. This danger can be controlled in a proper way through this act.”

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The Finance Minister told the party that the ministry is toying with the idea of this law. “We are not yet clear about this, but we are contemplating it.”

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The suggestion is surprising, because just earlier this month, Union Minister for Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad told members of the Rajya Sabha the ministry was considering bringing in an act to regulate the way content is circulated online.

The Union Minister said, “The ministry is working on an act to control the circulation of digital content. The exact details are being worked out. There are differing opinions on the subject on the basis of which an ordinance can be brought in.”

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Opinions have been exchanged on the subject between the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance. While the ministry of communications wants tougher action on censorship, the ministry of finance seems to be concerned with how information flows through the internet, not just on what information flows.

This is an attempt

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