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Presidential Candidate Spills the Beans on Iraq

By Emily Flitter

The Washington Post

September 29, 2002

So much for the ’04-’08 rule. At a fund-raiser for the re-election of Bob Dole in Washington, Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.) told reporters that he had told a group of foreign policy experts last week that he would support the president in Iraq “if he thought it was necessary, if he thought he could win.”

According to the organization’s Web site, the luncheon had been designed to “help broaden the base of support for the president” and “promote the hope of an improved, more consistent foreign policy for the United States.” On the flip side, the anti-war group, American Friends Service Committee, charged that Warner “would legitimize yet more American pre-emptive war” by supporting the president in Iraq.

Well, we thought of course you would. In fact, we had been talking about you and your views on war for some time. No, we won’t sell you out.

One thing Warner’s comments did illustrate was how much the president’s war strategy depends on confidence about the war’s prospects. Indeed, his entire war plan (so far, at least) is based on American strength and might. It has all the anachronistic democratic peace and liberal peace the DC foreign policy establishment keeps talking about. What it lacks, though, is one of the key components of American strength: a belief that we can win. This ought to be self-evident, but is it?

We know the Iraq War isn’t going well; no one

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The 2019–20 Austrian Football Second League will be the twenty-fifth season of the Austrian second-level football league.

Participating teams
Eighteen teams will contest the league, including five sides from the 2018–19 season, three sides promoted from the 2018–19 Regionalliga and eight sides promoted from the 2018–19 Amateur League.

Team changes

To Austrian Football Second League
Promoted from the 2018–19 Regionalliga
Rheindorf Altach

Promoted from the 2018–19 Amateur League

Relegated from the 2018–19 Austrian Football First League
Wiener Sport-Vereinigung

From Austrian Football Second League
Relegated to the 2019–20 Austrian Regional League East

Promoted to the 2019–20 Austrian Football First League

Team overview

League table


Matches 1–21

Matches 22–33

Season statistics

Top goalscorers


Category:Austrian Second League seasons
Second League
Austrian Second LeagueSoftware Development Solutions

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