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# Aaa and Eee/AAAA records (with nice.PEM files):
# for a more general introduction, see

# For virtual hosts, replace each “//” by “/.well-known/acme-challenge/”.
# For SSL installs, replace each “//” by “/.well-known/acme-challenge/”. EEE // * EEE // *
“jsonSchemaSemanticVersion”: “1.0.0”,
“imports”: [
“corpusPath”: “cdm:/foundations.1.2.cdm.json”
“corpusPath”: “/core/operationsCommon/Common.1.0.cdm.json”,
“moniker”: “base_Common”
“corpusPath”: “/core/operationsCommon/DataEntityView.1.0.cdm.json”,
“moniker”: “base_DataEntityView”
“corpusPath”: “/core/operationsCommon/Tables/Finance/Ledger/Main/CompanyInfo.1.1.cdm.json”
“definitions”: [
“entityName”: “ResRequest”,
“extendsEntity”: “base_Common/Common”,
“exhibitsTraits”: [
“traitReference”: “is.CDM.entityVersion”,
“arguments”: [
“name”: “versionNumber”,

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What does the.mod file contained in downloaded files point to?

I am currently developing a device which i will be providing the CAD and source files. My current layout is a forum where the CAD files are provided.
To save some time, I am thinking of providing a build tool which generates.win32.obj (.mod) files out of the provided CAD/source files and compress them. I want the code to also provide the.ini file and the.exe.
As I am not really sure if the files will be linked with the development environment, I do not know if I should rename the.mod/.win32.obj files to create a clean directory layout.
Can someone shed some light on the.mod file?


See FileExtensionMap, AssemblyFileExtension and image extension for more information about what is commonly called a’mod file’ in Win32/.Net framework.

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