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how to go to preview of a file after being copied using dd?

I want to copy this tiny file

to another file using dd, and then I want to go to preview of that file.


It’s likely that dd is already copying that to the destination file, because that’s what it’s built for.
If you’re just looking for a tool that would do the copying quickly, while maintaining full undo capabilities, I’d recommend rsync, as it’s faster than cp and extremely configurable.
If your goal is merely to examine the content before deciding if you want to use it, you could use a tool such as file or mc. Or, if you know the file type is a binary executable, you could use the file command.
You could also use cat, or any other program that will allow you to view the content of a file.


“Receiving the error ‘Bad username or password'” when opening a notebook or an external command launched from a command line

I get this error message when I launch a notebook or an external command from a command line:

“Receiving the error ‘Bad username or password’ when sending request to endpoint

(I also get this message if I launch a notebook from a browser.)
I don’t know how to fix it or what’s the underlying cause.


I think the way in which you are launching the notebook is not acceptable. Specifically, you are launching a notebook using a relative path (without having to mention the C:\Users\… and the.vscode… folders).
As vscode (version 1.43.0) [1] says, the form which will open the notebook file (which is not the form which will open the command window with which the notebook is launched) has this two parameters:
-c, –code-folders
A comma separated list of code folders for which the code should be unfolded.
-p, –path
Path to the folder from which the file should be opened.

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$\eta=\{x\in\mathbb{R}:\exists y\in\mathbb{Q}:x\in(0,5\wedge y\leq x\leq y+5)\}=\mathbb{Q}$
Now why is $0\in\eta$? Note that $0
ot\in\mathbb{Q}$. Thus $\exists\varepsilon>0:0
ot\in(0,\varepsilon)$. But
$0\in (0,5\wedge\varepsilon)\implies 0\in(0,5)\wedge\varepsilon\in\mathbb{Q}$
So $0\in\eta$.
I was wondering why I need to know that $\{x\in\mathbb{R}:0\in(0,5\wedge x\leq x\leq 5+5)\}=\{0\}$. How would I show that?
The above given proof as provided by one of the fellow members of the chatroom is obviously wrong and I was wondering if anyone could help me see why?


The fact that $x$ must be rational is crucial. If $x$ was not rational, then you could choose $y\in\Bbb Q$ with $yPossible role of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma


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